Why Choose Gilly Vending

  • Gilly Vending is the LARGEST independently owned – as well as the largest woman -owned vending company in the United States 
  • We NEVER stop innovating while bringing you the most advanced cutting edge vending technology and creative vending initiatives to bring you the highest revenues possible.
  • Equipped with three decades of experienced professionals that QUICKLY adjusts to emerging markets and healthier alternatives to quickly delivers them to you.
  • An UNBEATABLE variety of choices such as all natural, organic, gluten-free, vegan and more are making a difference.
  • Supported by  LONG STANDING RELATIONSHIPS within the industry, we are continuously negotiating best pricing, best quality and best choices.

  • We live our VISION… Gilly sets ambitious goals for increase productivity, responsiveness, and quality, thus providing vending solutions that drive profitable sales growth.

  • Our ADVANCED technology is second to none. 

Choose Gilly Vending

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