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UCF to distribute face masks through vending machines

The University of Central Florida is repurposing campus vending machines normally stocked with chips and granola bars to dispense reusable cloth face coverings — for free — to help battle the spread of coronavirus.... https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-coronavirus-ucf-to-distribute-face-masks-in-vending-machines-20200722-4zcte3nvb5bzjnkyu5thunodvu-story.html

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Gilly Vending joins over 200 companies and organizations in the hashtag campaign  #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain

Gilly Vending joins over 200 companies and organizations in the hashtag campaign  #IAmTheHealthcareSupplyChain movement as a Founding Partner.  The healthcare supply chain permeates all aspects of care delivery. From the clinicians on the front lines, to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, GPOs, and RPCs—everyone plays a part in the success of the healthcare supply chain. Outcomes, operational performance, and the overall health of the [...]

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Florida convenience services operator embraces touchless solutions

In an effort to provide its accounts with access to solutions that reduce the risk of contamination or infection, Gilly Vending, a Miami convenience services operator, is making touchless solutions available to their clients, including #TrulyTouchless vending machines and micro market solutions, as well as the newly released AMS Touchless Medical machines announced by Betson and AMS Vendors, according to [...]

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Gilly Vending is Pivoting

Gilly Vending, an international MBE in the Food & Beverage industry, has introduced their newest line of COVID-19 inspired unattended automated equipment: Personal Wellness Product Machines. The machines use touchless technology, with the user only making contact with the item being purchased. Items include: facial masks, wipes, hand sanitizers, fresh & frozen foods, bathroom paper, everyday sundries, small electronics and Gilly's signature [...]

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Google Cloud Showcases Vagabond Partnership

Press Release:   https://www.vendingmarketwatch.com/technology/vending-management-software-vms/news/21127376/google-cloud-showcases-vagabond-partnership?utm_source=AUTM+VMW+Today+NL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=AUTM200227002&o_eid=5002E4534289B1Z&rdx.ident%5Bpull%5D=omeda%7C5002E4534289B1Z   Link to Google Cloud blog post: https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/maps-platform/vagabonds-journey-transforming-vending-services-google-maps-platform 

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FAMU Valentines Day Event

The drawing winners were: Anaiya - survey Bria - posting Christopher - posting Johnika - survey   Info about the event: Update on FAMUI website: https://www.famu.edu/index.cfm?auxiliaryservices&BASNEWS Link to FAMU FB page: https://www.facebook.com/famubas/      Link to FAMU Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/bas_famu Link to Snack video tweet: https://twitter.com/briamarilyn_/status/1228365183640309761?s=20

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IT WAS A GREAT 2 DAYS OF CAMPUS EVENTS TO WELCOME BACK GSU PANTHERS! Gilly Vending can be found in over 2 dozen colleges and universities across the country. Supporting the many welcome back to school events is always a great way to get to know the campus community and share information about the great vending we offer on campus. [...]

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